Free membership week!

If you haven't heard it you, you're hearing it from me...

Fantage is having a free membership week! (Only from 4/20-4/26)

Heres the information if you need it!

Unicorns on Fantage?

Stephanie here, Fantage Pickles! We are going to report something mystical and mythical, UNICORNS! I welcome you..... The Fantage Unicorn Days.

 A screenshot a fantagian took to show the unicorn spirit to the "FPicklesNews"!

 Excited? I know I am! If you see me prancing around Fantage in my unicorn costume(snowqueen_), even when its not in the unicorn phase anymore, don't mind me! So let me ask, how are you feeling about the unicorn spirit? Are you having fun? It also might be a good thing to have people appreciate the unicorns on Fantage, but thats only my opinion! I also think we should have PICKLE spirit! Until next time, this is Stephanie, reporting our unicorn madness!